Turner recalls teaching at Carver-Price


(Editor’s note: The following is an edited transcript from an interview with Celestral Turner conducted by the Carver-Price Legacy Museum in 2008 and submitted to the Times Virginian for Black History Month)

I won’t tell you what year, but a few years ago I came to Appomattox County.

I was looking for a job and I heard about this music opening job at Appomattox, so with the help of my brother, who has passed away, he brought me to Appomattox County, and we had to ride around several places to find me someplace to live. And we finally ended up staying with Mrs. Tibbs in Appomattox, and I had a very nice home there until she got so sick and I had to move down to Concord to Ms. Walker’s house. And I stayed there for right many years. I don’t know how many years I stayed there — and she was a really sweet woman also.

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