Campaign signs

Several signs supporting Democrat and Republican candidates are seen in Appomattox County.

Campaign signs are disappearing in Appomattox County, much to the chagrin of voters both Democrat and Republican alike.

An American tradition, campaign signs date back to the days of John Quincy Adams (sixth U.S. president who served from 1825 to 1829). According to, Adams persuaded folks to install his signs on their property.

From there, when it comes to campaign signage, the rest is history, as they say.

These signs can represent free speech and the American spirit of the citizens’ right to elect their political figures.

Unfortunately, whether it’s for political reasons or mischief alone, some folks seek to get in the way of this tradition by stealing and/or damaging campaign signs.

Both Casey Longenecker, chair of the Democratic committee, and Christian Raymond, chair of the Republican committee, shared their frustration over the signage theft.

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