Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

I was bow hunting the farm back in New Jersey with my friend Jerry. Jerry was a shot and a half; he just didn’t miss. If he did, I never saw it. 

Jerry and I hunted the morning, and we had tree stands close to each other. One was at the end of the corn row and the other was right at the end of the hedgerow. The barbed wire fence at the end of the cornrow, the top strand of wire and the bottom strand of wire were covered in deer hair. The deer used this entrance or exit place a lot.

We had about 10 minutes before we got out of the tree stand and called it a morning. We had lots of deer in the field but the big 12-pointer never got close enough for a shot. We had plenty of shots to take at the does but that big buck was what we were after. Those deer left the field and we had just lowered our bows down to the ground. We climbed half way down the tree and Jerry in a loud whisper say freeze! I froze in place but from my angled I couldn’t tell why. It took about ten minutes before I could see why we froze. A bunch of deer entered the field.

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