Appomattox County Sheriff's Office announces narcotics bust

Criminal Law

The Appomattox County Sheriff's Office announced today a number of arrests for narcotics distribution in Appomattox County. 

A total of 12 individuals were arrested on 18 total indictments, 15 for distribution and possession of methamphetamine, two for distribution of heroin and one for distribution of marijuana.

The following is a list of individuals arrested and their indictments: 

Shannon Baye McCoy, 42, distribute methamphetamine; Tony Brown, 21, distribute marijuana; Matthew Chenault, 37, distribute methamphetamine;  William Dickerson, 37, conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute heroin; Kaleel Shakur, 47, distribute methamphetamine; Kean Hamlett, 38, distribute methamphetamine (x3); Angel Lobo, 48, distribute methamphetamine; Debra McCormick, 44, distribute methamphetamine, distribute heroin; Jason McCormick, 34, distribute methamphetamine; Chad Moore, 34, distribute methamphetamine (x3); Cameron Tramell, 45, distribute methamphetamine; Brandon Wingfield, 35, distribute methamphetamine.

These arrests were the results of the investigative efforts of the Central Virginia Drug Task Force which is comprised of officers from Appomattox County Sheriff's Office, Campbell County Sheriff's Office, Amherst County Sheriffs Office and the Virginia State Police. 

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