While the number of unemployment claims filed on a weekly basis in the greater Lynchburg area continues to be more than double the amount reported at the beginning of the pandemic, figures have nearly declined to levels not seen since late March.

A total of 2,088 continued unemployment claims were filed in the Central Virginia Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) during the week of Nov. 14, a decrease of 9.2 percent from the previous week’s figure of 2,301. 

Continued claims are filed by individuals who have already made an initial claim and are now filing weekly claims to continue receiving benefits. 

The Central Virginia LWDA includes the city of Lynchburg, along with the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell. All five localities reported a drop in claims last week. 

Continued unemployment claims in this region peaked at 9,659 during the week of May 9. 

Initial claims in this region declined last week to 167, a 12 percent drop from the previous week’s figure of 190.

Initial claims are filed by those making a claim for unemployment insurance for the first time. The lowest number of initial claims filed in the Lynchburg region since the start of the pandemic was 159 during the week of Oct. 10, and the highest number was 3,357 during the week of April 4.

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