The Town of Appomattox’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) discussed reallocating stimulus grant money that was given to the local McDonald’s to Courtland Festival Park due to a request made by the company.

At the meeting held Wednesday, Nov. 18, Town Manager Gary Shanaberger reminded the EDA of stimulus money that was given to businesses earlier this year. Business owners were grateful for the stimulus and some even returned their stimulus funds to the town, said Shanaberger. One of those businesses was the local McDonald’s.

One letter from the local McDonald’s manager, written to the late Dr. Paul Harvey (former mayor), was read by Shanaberger.

“‘Dear Mr. Harvey, I appreciate the town’s consideration to be included in the town’s economic stimulus grant that was extended to all businesses,” Shanaberger read. “Please accept the gracious return of funds from my franchise. I am thankful that yourself, town council and the residents have helped support my business during these trying times. I look forward to continuing to work with you and the Town of Appomattox in our business partnership. Again, thank you for your generous offer.’”

Shanaberger said that Courtland Festival Park was raising money in October for more lights for the facility.

“I think we all enjoy that project and speaking with Mr. Russell, owner of McDonald’s, about the light project — he asked if the EDA would consider taking the $500 he gave in return and make a donation to the light project. I told him I would have to get y’all’s permission,” continued Shanaberger.

Shanaberger said he was making a request on behalf of McDonald’s and its manager that the EDA consider forwarding his $500 to the Courtland Festival Park project.

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