The Appomattox Town Council meeting Monday was short, running for approximately 15 minutes. There was little to report, but one item brought up was the town waiting on the status of a grant application. 

Mayor Richard Conner opened the meeting by encouraging everyone to take heart during these trying times and to “keep moving forward.” 

There was nothing on the agenda for unfinished business or new business. Council standing committee reports and the citizen comment period also were met with silence. 

Town Manager Gary Shanaberger provided a few updates on various projects in the Town of Appomattox. 

They’re hoping to get two grants for the Church Street Waterline Project — one from Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (VHCD) and one from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

“We have yet to hear from VHCD. Those grants are normally awarded in December. They’re running behind,” said Shanaberger. 

He expects to hear back from them any day now — whether or not they’ve received a grant. 

Regarding the USDA grant application, they’ve had to provide some follow-up answers. Technically the application is not considered complete until they complete the follow-up answers. 

The downtown revitalization project continues to move forward — there are now six properties under contract. Construction began this week at one of the properties. 

Regarding the July 3 fireworks, Shanaberger said the town is still on schedule with Virginia Sky Painter for that date. The contract will be signed soon. 

The town council retreat was postponed a month or two due to concerns for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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