Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

Years ago it was pretty easy to get permission to fish that pond you had your eyes set on. Basically all you had to do was ask the landowner if you could fish it. It seemed that all landowners had the same answer: yes you can but don’t leave any trash around. You find it clean, leave it clean. That was basically it.

The next thing you know you see somebody else coming to fish the same pond you fishing. You notice he ain’t carrying any minnow bucket but a Styrofoam box of night crawlers. He stops by you and asks “How you doing, catching anything?” You let him know what you’re catching or better yet show him and wish him luck as he makes his way to the other side of the pond.

A week passes by and you go back to the pond with three dozen minnows this time. The fish were tearing up the minnows last time there. You hear a truck coming through the field and it’s the same fisherman you met last week but this time he has three other fishermen with him. 

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