Because of the hot/rainy weather and things out of my control, it’s been hard to get to the river banks and ponds; that all changed a few weeks ago. Adam told me about this pond he had permission to fish in. He told me that it was loaded with bass, crappie and catfish. The crappie got my attention and the catfish got Adam’s attention. We talked about the pond and Adam told me he had just come from the farm and everything was mowed around the pond. I liked hearing that because of the ticks.

It was time to get some of my new lures ready. I went out to the shed and brought them to the back porch and was going to put them together. I took my time because we weren’t going fishing until tomorrow. I now have three each made and I have them in my small tackle box. Now it’s going to be a waiting game until tomorrow when we can go fishing. I pulled out five poles that I like using and changed the baits on them. I went to the back yard and made a few casts. I was happy with the distance and no line twists.

The next morning it was time to go.

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