Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

Every year when Christmas rolls around there are so many things to do. Every Christmas Eve we read about Jesus’s birth from the Bible. After giving thanks to the Lord, sometimes we go into the den where the stockings are hanging and grab one gift. After that we wait until morning until we open our gifts.

Sometimes morning comes very early. After that if I am not working we will have a huge breakfast my wife puts together. While she is getting everything ready it’s time for me to go over the stocking stuffers I opened. Sometimes the bigger things for a stocking stuffer just won’t fit in the stocking. They may be hidden someplace else. Getting that new fishing line in the winter time only makes me think about springtime coming. 

I will grab some of the stocking gifts and bring them into the living room and look them over. I start to think about fishing even though it’s hunting season. I can smell the tenderloin cooking as I look things over and I try to sneak into the kitchen and grab a piece of that tenderloin. I don’t normally get away with it, she catches me. After she sends me out of the kitchen, she feels bad for me and then I can get a taste of the tenderloin. Then I get warned not to come back in the kitchen. 

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