Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

This is some of the press release from the Hunters for the Hungry web page. If you have not donated a deer yet, you still have time to donate. The deer goes for a good cause as we all know.

The Hunters for the Hungry program has echoed the sentiment of “being blessed” daily and throughout its 29 years! And blessed we truly are! Every dollar an individual, family, organization, foundation, corporation, or just a small town business provides to us, allows us to provide 3.2 quarter pound servings to a man, woman, child, the homeless or a veteran in our great Commonwealth! 

We say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who donates these dollars and for those who donate the deer that allow us to provide the essential high protein venison those we serve. However, over the last week, despite the COVID-19 situation, our program has been blessed with two special grants from two very special Foundations totaling $35,000!

On Nov. 2, we received a $5,000 grant from the Bedford Community Health Foundation. This amount of monies will allow us to process and distribute 4,000 pounds, two tons, of venison to those in need through the three feeding programs that participate with our program in Bedford County. This amount of venison equates to 16,000 servings that will ensure healthy diets and benefit the citizens of Bedford County! Thank you Bedford Community Health Foundation for your precious support of our program and our community!

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