Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

Back in February I start to receive my fishing catalogs to go through. One catalog I get I go through many, many times is a DIY catalog. I buy a lot of stuff from all the catalogs I get.

I found something I liked because it looked good. I put them together and made my new lures.

Looking through the fishing magazines, I noticed a new jig head in the advertisement. I want this jig head. I called a guy in Texas, and he told me good luck in finding any. He had three in stock. After checking about 10 places I finally found them. I ordered a bunch of them.

February was finally over and it was mid-April and time for me to fish. I had to try this new lure I put together. I called the landowner and he told me good luck. I got to the pond and the third cast reeling it in, bam! I got a bass on. I was going for crappie but this bass wanted my lure.

With the water muddy, I really didn’t expect to catch anything but the long wait I had to try my new lures out. I caught more bass and I caught some decent crappie. I took pictures of the fish with the new lure in their mouth. I was happy. I got the proof the new lures work even in muddy water.

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