John Redding


This week’s column will include a personal rant. With any position of responsibility, there are always challenges and disappointments, but occasionally one just needs to spout off about some things. So, let me tell you about one aspect of the chamber’s initiative to spur entrepreneurship that has been surprising and frustrating.

In December, I contacted more than 50 local enterprises that have started up within the past 20 years requesting that they write a short story of their journey to getting their business up and running. I added that they might include reference to any goods or services not offered within the area that, had they been available, would have made their job of starting up a bit easier. I also offered my assistance to polish their text if they wished. To date, I have received ONE write-up.

Although providing the chamber with such a story in itself may not have been enticing to local business owners, the utilization of these stories in this newspaper and on social media should have been. This is free advertising and more.

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