In previous columns I have mentioned that I would be in contact with friends who have received the COVID-19 vaccination and report their reactions. One local health care worker in his early sixties reported a sore arm for a day or so but no other side effects. The second report came from my cousin, who lives in a health care facility in North Carolina. She is 92. She has experienced a tingling feeling in the wrist of the arm receiving the injection that persisted for some days but is diminishing. I will follow up again after their second dosages.

If, like me, you are monitoring the progress of the vaccination program to receive your injection as soon as possible, Appomattox County is still processing in the 1a category, which includes health care personnel and long-term care residents. Next in the schedule, category 1b will expand to include everyone over 65 years of age, frontline essential workers, and others in high-risk situations. Stay tuned for more specific information or monitor information on the Virginia Department of Health website,

All signs point to a post-holiday surge in the number of COVID cases as people travelled and relaxed their precautions a bit. Although I do not have statistical data to back it up, I have noticed more deaths recorded in the local obituaries during the past weeks. Hospitals are nearing capacity levels as the number of beds occupied is rising. Let us hope that we will pass this peak and begin a downturn soon.

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