Everybody knows me and exactly where I stand spiritually and politically. 

The Democrats of today are not the Democrats of 1888  or even of pre-1960. They are not concerned about the working class of our citizens. They are only interested in wealthy people. 

From 2008-2016, our federal and state governments caused much unrest and distrust among American citizens. During that time, Obama “bad mouthed” our much needed police personnel. He is to blame for all the disrespect toward our police. All the evil and lawless burning, looting and murdering lies on 2008-2016 leaders. 

I’m sure all readers recall Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Democrat) gave $1.4 million to China to make something out of the furniture factory here. My tax money went to China! 

As a patriotic history lover, I remind readers that this nation is a republic (pledge to the flag) and was established by our Founding Fathers who worked hard to see that our documents are based on Biblical principles. Our nation was  not based on Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. 

Marx was an atheist. When public buildings took down the Ten Commandments, it was a very dangerous move. God will only bless America while we obey his commands (2 Chronicles 7:13-14).

- Barbara Shelton, Appomattox