After returning to Appomattox to live, I cannot help but notice something. Litter! It is along the motorways, trash strewn about streets and, well, just plain unsightliness at the intersections.

This was not the town and county I recalled of my youth. We always welcome tourists to visit our historic town. We wish for visitors to become new residents. Maybe a new business is scouting a place to establish.

However, the welcome mat is disgustingly strewn with litter. So, if we are looking for a New Year’s resolution, how about helping pick it up? 

When you take your fitness walk, pick up some of the litter. Taking the dog for a walk? Take an extra pick-up bag. 

Think twice before you even consider tossing out any piece of litter. I was told of the ‘Power of One’ and the Appomattox spirit, then prove it. 

Make a difference and Happy New Year.

- William Harvey, Appomattox