Batina Dunnam of Granny Bee’s

Batina Dunnam of Granny Bees on Main Street addresses the town council Monday regarding her concerns with the proposed idea of a town-funded Welcome Center in the American Civil War Museum.

The proposed Welcome Center in the American Civil War Museum was the hot topic at Monday night’s Appomattox Town Council meeting.

Citizens and council members were abuzz with their opinions on the matter. After everyone at the meeting who wished to speak voiced their opinion, a unanimous vote was made by the council to table the discussion for a later date.

“The town of Appomattox received an unsolicited request for funding to help promote tourism in specifically the downtown area,” said councilman Jonathan Garrett, prefacing the citizen comment period.

He shared his appreciation for the citizens’ attendance at the meeting and clarified that the council is only out to weigh the entire matter with the town’s best interest in mind.

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