I am angry over what I learned at the town hall on Sept. 21. 

I thank the Republican group for holding it because I haven’t heard this information anywhere else. I’m angry to hear the county owes $28 million (principle and interest). How did the county get into so much debt?

I was shocked to learn real estate taxes are much higher here than counties around us. The schools need renovating but they haven’t said the price tag. Has the county saved up money? Or are they borrowing more money and raising our taxes? County leaders need to answer for this mess.

The Times-Virginian article about the meeting was accurate but didn’t include the fact that Watkins Abbitt (supervisor) left before the portion about the county’s deep debt. No other supervisors bothered to show up, including the three up for re-election. Guess they wanted to avoid being put on the spot because they are responsible for getting us in debt.

Chad Milner is up for re-election but I am definitely voting for John Hinkle. I can’t vote for someone who’s saddled us with high debt and taxes. If Brian Moody is your supervisor, please vote for Trevor Hipps instead. I learned nobody is running against Bill Hogan. What a shame because he is just as responsible.

Isn’t there anybody in Pamplin, Evergreen or Hixburg who will run against Hogan?  You can run a write-in campaign and get elected. Please somebody step up because we need strong competent leaders to get us out of this mess and not raise our taxes.

- Lane Landry, Spout Spring