Blue Ridge Medical Center

CEO of Blue Ridge Medical Center, Randy Pirtle, addresses the town council.

At Tuesday’s Town of Appomattox town council meeting, Randy Pirtle, CEO of Blue Ridge Medical Center (BRMC), shared his plans to serve the citizens of the Appomattox area.

While attempts in the past to bring BRMC to Appomattox proved futile for various reasons, the closing of a local practice this year made the need for BRMC’s presence even greater.

Pirtle said their interest in Appomattox has remained steadfast. Once the opportunity arose for them to come to Appomattox, they weren’t keen on letting a pandemic stop them, said Pirtle.

“We’re just as pleased as can be and excited to be able to be part of your community, and we look so much forward to taking care of the good people here,” said Pirtle. “We knew there was a need. The need became acute all of a sudden. … And we wanted to meet the need for the community.”

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