Til The End Of Time Sanctuary

A cat sheltered at the Til The End Of Time Sanctuary in Appomattox playfully tugs on the shirt of veterinary technician Tracy Haught (left). The sanctuary’s owner, Laurie Peters (formerly Walsh), is on the right. 

Even for people who spend their time taking care of others, there comes a time when their own personal needs have to be met. Now is one of those times for the owner of an Appomattox no-kill animal sanctuary that has been operating for the last eight years.

Til The End Of Time Sanctuary, owned by Laurie Peters (formerly Walsh), has served the area’s animals that are among the most helpless and desperate to cling onto life and, hopefully, find a permanent home through adoption. 

“We take nothing but strays, sick, injured, pregnant, homeless,” Peters said. “We don’t take household surrenders. We take the ones who don’t have any chance, to give them a chance to live.”

However, Peters has been suffering from several serious health issues that have put a strain on both her and the animal sanctuary. Having been deemed ineligible for insurance under the Affordable Care Act due to personal circumstances, she describes her medical bills as “astronomical” and fears that the sanctuary, and its three-person staff, may have to shut down if her health deteriorates or medical costs continue to mount.

Peters said she had to stop seeing several medical specialists because she can’t afford the expense, even with monthly payments, which are not always easy to negotiate at an affordable rate. 

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