Storage Building

A citizen offered Pamplin $5,000 for the town to break the lease it has with Norfolk Southern for this building used for storage so it can be purchased and hopefully turned into an ice cream shop.

The Town of Pamplin City Council discussed the possibility of terminating a building lease with Norfolk Southern at its Tuesday, Sept. 8, meeting after a citizen offered $5,000 for the town to break the lease so it can be purchase it.

The citizen has apparently expressed interest in starting up an ice cream shop within the building in question.

In finding that a local citizen is interested in buying the building from Norfolk Southern, the town council talked about terminating the lease agreement with the property owner.

The town pays $5 in rent each year as part of an indefinite lease agreement contract to use a white building for storage.

The building stores town equipment and can be seen from the end of Main Street furthest away from the Pamplin Depot. 

Mayor Sarah Hamlett Blackwell suggested storing the equipment elsewhere should council wish to break the lease and part with the building.

Norfolk Southern will not sell to the citizen unless the town agrees to break the lease.

Council member Marvin Hamlett expressed concern that the public should be notified of the opportunity, calling for “equal opportunity.”

A special meeting to decide the property’s future may be on the horizon.