Words from the Chamber - John Redding

Words from the Chamber author John Redding

I was left alone at home this weekend as my wife traveled to assist some friends who were moving their household to another state.

With the remnants of the week’s snow still covering a major portion of my property, there was little that could be accomplished outdoors, so, except for attending church services and a bit of wood pile activity on Sunday afternoon prior to the rain, I was camped in front of the television. Fortunately, there was a wide variety of sporting events to view as football, basketball and golf offered multiple alternatives from noon until bedtime each day.

Not being content to sit idly while admiring the energy and athletic prowess of the participants on the tube, nor being able to completely fill the voids with snacks and beverages, I accumulated the various seed catalogues that had arrived over the past month and began to plan the upcoming gardening season. Although I try to purchase much of my gardening supplies locally, the catalogues are a great source of ideas of new things to try.  Part of the plan is to map out what seeds I will order and which seeds I will purchase from local suppliers. Also involved is the decision to start some plants in my basement ahead of the time to place them in the garden or to purchase them from local greenhouses.

Similarly to the variety of catalogues that I receive is the assortment of local venues to supply my needs once I can put planning into practice and begin planting, mulching and other such chores.

High on my list of places to frequent are Coleman Farm Supply Inc. and the Village Garden Greenhouse and Florist for seeds, plants, fertilizers, etc.  Wilt Family Farms, True Value Hardware, Tractor Supply and Walmart also have seeds, plants and other products that I purchase.  Jamerson Building Supply, and soon to be opened Southern Touch Lawn and Lanscaping offer additional landscaping materials. Evergreen Lavender Farm is another place to visit to pick up some ideas and plants to exercise your green thumb.

Now, the challenge is to be patient as the remainder of January and all of February will undoubtedly offer frigid obstacles to getting started.

Want some gardening or landscaping done but not into DIY? I have personally used Mays Lawn Care, and Windy Knoll Land Maintenance but there are several others in the area. A Google search reveals Advantage Lawn Care & More, Southern Touch Lawn and Landscaping, and Martin Property Services. There are probably also some independents that can be hired to help out.

Gardening and landscaping offer a multitude of benefits. During the pandemic, such an endeavor is one of the healthiest activities one can pursue. Vegetable gardening offers the added health benefit by providing fresh produce that gives the body more nutrients than can be obtained from processed foods or even store-purchased fresh items. Efforts to beautify your property give you great satisfaction and increase its value. A more beautiful community is a benefit to everyone.

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