Hunt Smart - Fish Hard

It’s that time of year again when we need to re-line our fishing reel. We need to get the cobwebs off our fishing poles. Some of us have already done this. That is a good thing because the rule of thumb is once the ice is off the lakes and ponds, is time to fish. Here are a few tips to get that line twist out.

1: Don’t turn the handle when the drag is slipping. This is a sure way to quickly put twist in a line, and is especially problematic with spinning reels.

2: Putting line on a spool correctly. Improper spooling of line, especially nylon monofilament, can cause twist. Nylon monofilament has memory and develops a “set” in that position in which it has been placed for a long time, such as the plastic supply spool on which it is wound for packaging.

In addition, line on a supply spool is slightly coiled, which is an inherent part of the manufacturer’s spooling process. Coiling is less pronounced in top-grade lines, in lines that come off of large-diameter supply spools, and in braided and fused microfilament lines. Generally, no matter who is the manufacturer, the smaller the supply spool the more likely there is to be coiling.

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