This Week with Del. Matt Fariss

Last Friday’s budget action should be the final votes this chamber must cast on the budget until the reconvened session. Yet Democrats have still found a way to slow the process through infighting and obstinance. The revised budget is done, but it won’t be sent to the governor until closer to Election Day. 

House and Senate Democrats couldn’t agree on language in the budget that would clarify the redistricting process if Amendment 1 is successful in November. House Democrats don’t want it in the budget, Senate Democrats do. 

To break the stalemate and because the governor has seven days to act once he receives the bill, they agreed to send it to the governor closer Election Day. He will then send the language back down as an amendment IF the measure passes.

This session has been remarkable for many things, including its length, procedural irregularities, and the legislation that has been produced.

See the current issue of the Times Virginian newspaper for a list of some of the legislation introduced by House Democrats this session. Pick up a copy or subscribe at to view the full article in the e-edition version.