As Election Day quickly approaches we all need to be reminded of all that is a stake! 

This election is more than just Republican vs. Democrat but a battle of Good vs. Evil! 

What is truly at stake are issues not just social but Biblical! Our country was founded as “One Nation Under God,” and our country’s motto is “In God We Trust.” 

We as a country, and even a community, declare our trust in God for he is the Almighty Leader of Leaders and his Holy Word is the very foundation of our Constitution in which it would be invalid without! 

Like our Founding Fathers did over 244 years ago, I ask you, my fellow American patriots, to do as they did and that is to trust in God and vote according to His Word! 

Please, on Nov. 3, I ask you to vote for Donald Trump for President, Daniel Gade for U.S. Senate and Bob Good for Congress these men will defend and fight for God, country, state and community. 

- Bradley Driskill, Spout Spring