In a recent phone interview with the Times Virginian, Appomattox County Commonwealth’s Attorney Les Fleet addressed a Sept. 22 shooting that injured a dog in Appomattox County.

According to a Sept. 23 Facebook post by Byranna Moore, a member of the family that owns the pit bull named “Dana,” a jogger running near the Moore property “was approached by one of our dogs, Dana, in a friendly, tail wagging, wiggly happy dog manner and he shot her in the chest, in front of my daughter, and kept running.”

Fleet said that he was taken by surprise at the post because he had explained the situation with the Moores at a meeting in his office and thought they had left on good terms.

Fleet explained that he didn’t file criminal charges against the shooter because the evidence he presented more closely collaborated with his statement to the investigating deputy.

According to the jogger, as Fleet stated, he was jogging past the Moore residence when the dog left the yard and ran toward him in an aggressive manner. He then shot the dog once when the dog came within too close of a distance.

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