Mary Hinds, representing Pamplin Area Legacy Supporters (PALS) shared an update on the LOVE sign project at the Jan. 12 Pamplin town council meeting. 

Hinds said that they recently reached out to about 45 artists via email and about 25 artists via postal mail. (Those artists who PALS did not have an email address on file were sent a physical copy of the invitation.) Three county high school art teachers and local colleges were made aware that PALS was accepting applications for the LOVE sign design from now up until March 15. 

A decision will be made on the winning design by April 1. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges. Installation of LOVE sign design must take place by Sept. 1. 

Part of the applicant agreement is that the artist must be willing to handle the installation of the artwork, whether it be on their own or through a contractor. 

Hinds is hoping artists will be interested in reference material pertaining to Pamplin’s history for inspiration.