The Pamplin City Town Council held two public hearings  at its June monthly meeting. There was no public comment on either matter, and the council passed both issues with unanimous votes. It also discussed other matters, including some good news about entertainment and food coming to town.

One hearing and vote involved adopting the proposed Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget. Highlights of the budget include total income/ gross profit of $140,265.59, total expenses of $135,355.91, and net income of $4,912.42 (including ordinary net income plus interest earned). 

Mayor Sarah Hamlett Blackwell pointed out that the budget with its slight net increase will put the town’s total finances nearly $40,000 to the good. After having very little cushion in reserve just a few years ago, this figure will give the town some breathing room, especially as some parts of the water and sewer system is long overdue for maintenance, repairs and replacements. The budget was approved as written.

The second matter was the bidding on the Williams Property Mitigation project. The council voted to accept the bid from Piney Ridge Construction in Pamplin. Last month, the council heard two estimates for the work that needed to be done, and the estimate from Chris Tolley at Piney Ridge came in drastically lower than the estimate from Dolan and Associates of Nathalie - $30,850 versus $48,230. 

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