Appomattox County Sheriff Donald Simpson announced on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page that the inmate road crew program has resumed after a hiatus caused by restrictions related to COVID.

The program involves inmates cleaning litter along the county’s roadways. The project resumed operations on May 24 after more than a year on hold.

The sheriff’s office is open to suggestions for areas that need work. Simpson reassures citizens that the inmates participating in the cleanup are vetted and fully supervised.

“Back in business! I am excited to announce the re-start of the inmate road crew program,” Simpson wrote. “This initiative, that has been suspended for over a year due to Covid-19, is responsible for picking up litter on roads in Appomattox County. Properly vetted inmates, supervised by sheriff’s office staff, will be back out on county roads beginning Monday May 24,” he communicated.

The Facebook post generated 31 responses and 33 shares. The responses were by and large messages of thanks and appreciation to the sheriff and his staff for resuming this work. Interspersed were suggestions of roads around the county that need cleanup and observations that it is disappointing that so many people litter.

“That’s Great! Thank you guys. Stay safe. Stonewall Road could sure use it,” wrote Carole Weston. 

“Thank you!! We live in such a beautiful county. Such a shame people feel it is ok to toss trash out their car window,” Carol Metz Bowman commented.

Earl Prim remarked, “That’s great. It appears that VDOT may not start the road gangs out of Rustburg. Be safe out there with the traffic.”

Other places which people suggested  for cleanup include Purdum Mill Road, Church Street, Walnut Hill Road, Jones Street, Cedar Cove, Little Bear Lane, Dogwood Street, and Spring Grove.

Comments even included practical advice, such as “Make sure they are properly hydrated,” from Josiah Leonard. 

Sheriff Simpson was not available for further comment as of press time. To communicate with the sheriff’s office about suggested locations for cleanup, call 434-352-2666 or send a message via Facebook Messenger.

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