Carver Price school

The Carver Price school is part of the trail.

For many folks, navigating life with COVID-19 concerns is a challenge — tourism opportunities are no exception to the ravages of COVID-19’s effect on the world.

To the family, couple or individual looking for a safe way to spend a fall-infused Saturday, the Civil Rights In Education Heritage Trail may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail is a self-guided driving tour through Southside Virginia and is put on by Virginia’s Crossroads. 

For those locations on the trail that are open inside and for those interested in venturing indoors, it’s recommended that one plans ample time to explore. Otherwise, the markers themselves are on display outdoors and they are filled with historical information.

Appomattox County carries its own place in the self-guided tour, of course — three places, technically. 

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