Sgt. Karen Nipper


Sgt. Karen Nipper posing for a picture in front of a law enforcement vehicle.

Sgt. Karen Nipper with the Appomattox County Sheriff’s Officer retired Aug. 31, and while retirement wasn’t something she had planned on, she said she’s thankful for the career path she chose in law enforcement.

About two years ago, Nipper was hurt on the job. A scrape resulted in contracting Group A Strep. It went into her hand and settled into her shoulder. The doctor had to disconnect her rotator cuff and clean out the infection. 

“I was in the ICU for three days, and I was in the hospital for a total of five days,” said Nipper.

She’s undergone three surgeries on her shoulder and one on her elbow in an effort to build the shoulder back up. Ever since that injury, she’s been on light duty.

A functionality test showed that Nipper was 27 percent disabled in her shoulder. With 27 percent disability and some other restrictions, retirement seemed inevitable.

Being that she was in her 23rd year of serving, it was hard to take the news of retirement. 

Nipper said she’ll miss serving as a School Resource Officer (SRO). Interacting with the kids at the elementary school and in the community was special to her. 

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