Hunt Smart - Fish Hard

The Spotlight

Saturday, Oct. 2, {began} the Archery Season, and it will run until Nov. 12 statewide. 

This year we won’t be hunting in 80 degree weather on opening day. This past week with temperatures in the high 40s and 50s made you feel like hunting. Years ago Jerry and I had been scouting these fields out and seeing plenty of does and bucks in them. Each buck we saw we were hoping Saturday was going to be our lucky day to get one. 

It was a Friday afternoon closer to diner time as we were driving around checking out the fields. We stopped in the middle of the road, and Jerry grabbed the binoculars and said it’s a 10-pointer and about an 18-inch spread. We never saw this buck in the past two weeks. We were hoping one of us will get a shot at him in the morning. We checked out the other three fields and decided to hunt this field in the morning. 

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