Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

I was working at American Can Company in New Jersey with my buddy Howard, and when we took lunch we talked about going catfishing Saturday night. At this time the river was high from the flood waters. We were hoping by Saturday evening the river level would be coming down. A lot of fishermen like fishing for catfish when the water level starts to rise. It was Wednesday, and we got another heavy rain shower. We knew now the Delaware River was going to be high.

We stopped at ShopRite and bought some calf livers for the fishing trip. Howard said he would show me his trick to keep the liver on the hook. I remembered when I would hook the liver and made a cast the liver would always fly off. I tried hooking it through the membrane, and that really didn’t help that much. 

On the way to Frenchtown we stopped and bought a dozen big night crawlers. We had plenty of sinkers, bait, and hooks. As we pulled into the road that runs alongside the river toward the boat landing where we were going to fish, I couldn’t wait for Howard to show me his technique on tying on the liver. Howard talked about it as he parked the pickup truck.

The river was high for sure. It wasn’t what you would call muddy; it was just high. I grabbed my pole and handed it to Howard. Howard had black stockings with him. I watched as Howard hooked up the bait. I had a ½ ounce egg sinker on my line. Howard cuts my line and puts on a tribble hook. He opens the liver package and cuts a chunk off. He puts the liver on the hook and sets it down on the tailgate of his truck. I still ain’t sure what is going on. Howard cuts a piece of the stocking and wraps it around the liver. He folds it up and ties a bread wrap tie to hold it in place. I knew now that when I cast it in at least the bait won’t fly off.

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