John Redding

John Redding

Recently, I was called upon to provide a devotion at a church meeting and I took the easy way out and used one marked for that date from a publication entitled “The Upper Room.” The devotion started out with a story that led to a question that most of us have probably muttered at one time or another.

One day while watching the news on TV, the author saw a pitiful scene of a woman holding an infant that was starving to death which caused him to lament “God, if you are a loving, compassionate being, how can you allow this?” Suddenly, a mental image appeared to him in which a tearful God was cradling the mother and child and saying to him, ”If you are my disciple, how can you allow this?”  Indignation turned to discomfort with the realization that he (we) needed to be more responsible.

Whether we are religious or not, we should all have a sense of obligation to the world, if not the universe. As inferred in a recent article that I did about the fragile status of our local Lions Club, this sense of obligation seems to be disappearing in younger generations. Is this trend irreversible or just a cycle in our society? Why is this happening?

From my perspective, there are two main factors.

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