I recently visited family in your area for two weeks as I have done for years. As on other trips, one thing stands out about Appomattox and local area roads — the litter beside your roads is perhaps the worst of anywhere in America.

This trip, roadside litter was the worst ever! It’s as though you folks give prizes for who can throw the most garbage out their car windows. Your area is so beautiful, it’s a crying shame.

Are you all a bunch of uncaring slobs? Don’t you have littering laws on the books? Do local police look the other way allowing littering? If so, they are part of the problem.

You are blessed to live in such a beautiful area to live. You ought to start caring more about all the litter or change your location’s statement of being where the Civil War ended to “Appomattox — Litter Capital of America.”

Come on Appomattox, show some missing community pride and clean up the litter beside your roads. Fine litterers and make them clean up your littered roadsides. Don’t be a community of slobs.

I look forward to visiting your community in a few months. Hopefully things will have improved.

- Richard Rhyner, Anchorage, Alaska

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