The Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office on Monday announced the arrest of 14 individuals for narcotics distribution in Appomattox County.

These charges are the result of an approximately six-month investigation by the Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office and the Central Virginia Narcotics Task Force, which is comprised of members from Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office, Amherst County Sheriff’s Office, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, and the Virginia State Police.

A total of 14 individuals were wanted on more than two-dozen charges including the distribution and possession of methamphetamine, the distribution and possession of fentanyl, and the distribution and possession of cocaine.

The following were arrested:

• Charles Aubin Burks, 43, possession with intent to distribute (PWID) methamphetamine

• Cameron D. Tramell Sr. 45, PWID methamphetamine

• Jason D. McCormick, 34, PWID methamphetamine

• Cory L. Glover, 32, PWID methamphetamine

• Timothy Ryland Ferguson, 38, PWID methamphetamine

• Jeremy L. Biglow, 32, PWID methamphetamine

• Brandon Hayes Wingfield, 36, PWID methamphetamine

• Melvin D. Gunter Jr., 37, PWID methamphetamine

• Tyrone W. Hunter, 46, PWID methamphetamine

• Angel Y. Lobo, 48, possession of methamphetamine

• Chad D. Moore, 35, PWID methamphetamine

• Larry Lee West, 49, PWID methamphetamine, possession of cocaine

• James Johnson, 28, PWID methamphetamine

• Jesse Wayne Hoskins, 24, possession of methamphetamine