Coach Smith achieves 100th win on Appomattox HOF Night as Raiders defeat Hawks

It was an all-Appomattox affair during the first half of the Raiders’ home football game on Friday, Oct. 8, when the Gretna Hawks came to town. The Raiders dominated in all aspects of play: offense, defense and special teams. By halftime, the score was 42-0, and the final tally came to 56-18.

It was also a special night for head coach Doug Smith in a couple of ways: the victory over the Hawks marked the well-loved coach’s 100th win, announced assistant coach Stephen Castello following the game. Furthermore, Smith was one of eight inductees into the Appomattox Scholastic Sports Hall of Fame. And true to form, while Smith graciously commented appreciatively on the honors, he appeared more excited about the progress his team had made on the field than personal accolades for himself.