Appomattox Board of Supervisors candidate and wife indicted on separate forgery and perjury charges, attorney denies allegations

Update: Sept. 30 at 6:56 p.m. 

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corrine Gellar, in a press release, stated that the forgery charges against Alvin Russell Evans, Jr. are classified as uttering. The legal definition of uttering, according to, is: "Uttering a forged instrument is the passing or making use of a forged writing or document with knowledge of its forged nature. Uttering is a crime usually charged in conjunction with a forgery." 

Both Evans and his wife Brandy are free on bond. The investigation is ongoing. 

Original Post: Sept. 30 at 5:05 p.m. 

On Wednesday in Appomattox County Circuit Court, grand jury indictments were handed down against a candidate for the county's Board of Supervisors and his wife.

Alvin Russell Evans, Jr. and Brandy Michelle Evans were charged with multiple counts of forgery and perjury, respectively, relating to a Petition of Qualified Voters. 

Alvin Evans, otherwise known as "AR Evans," is running as a candidate for the Courthouse District seat against incumbent and current Appomattox BOS Chairman Samuel E. Carter. 

Rick Boyer, a Lynchburg-based attorney representing Alvin Evans, denied the allegations in a telephone statement made to the Times Virginian. 

"We've looked at all of the facts and we don't believe that Mr. Evans or his campaign have done anything wrong," Boyer said. "Once we've had a chance to go to court and put our side of the story out there, we believe's he's going to be vindicated in court." 

Boyer also stated that Alvin Evans is "heading on full steam with the campaign." 

Alvin "AR" Evans was featured in the Sept. 15 edition of the Times Virginian as the first Appomattox County BOS candidate to receive a joint endorsement from the Appomattox County Republican Committee and Appomattox County Democratic Committee. The Evans campaign said that statements from both parties are forthcoming. 

Alvin Evans faces two forgery charges, according to the indictments, alleged in violation of Virginia Code Section 18.2-172. 

Brandy Evans is facing 12 charges alleging that she committed perjury while under oath. The alleged violations also fall under Virginia Section Code 18.2-172. 

Evidence was gathered by the Virginia State Police, according to the indictments. 

Alvin and Brandy Evans are scheduled to appear in Appomattox County Circuit Court on Thursday, Oct. 7, for advisement on attorney arrangements and to set a trial date. Boyer stated that although he advised Brandy Evans as well in the lead-up to the indictments, she will seek separate legal representation because there are two different charges on two different clients.