The return to in-person learning at Appomattox County Public Schools means that athletic teams are permitted to play games as long as COVID-19 doesn’t interfere. 

“As long as we can get two healthy teams, we’re trying to do sports,” said ACPS Superintendent Annette Bennett. 

Last week’s boys and girls Raider basketball games were postponed due to in-person classes not being in session. The following games are scheduled for this week (fingers crossed): 

Wednesday: Girls basketball — Altavista at Appomattox, JV (5:30 p.m.), varsity to follow. 

Wednesday: Boys basketball, Appomattox at Altavista, JV (5:30 p.m.), varsity to follow. 

Friday: Girls basketball — William Campbell at Appomattox, JV (5:30 p.m.), varsity to follow. 

Friday: Boys basketball, Appomattox at William Campbell, JV (5:30 p.m.), varsity to follow. 

Note: Attendance for Appomattox Raiders home games is limited to 25 people, per public safety limits on gatherings mandated by Gov. Ralph Northam. In accordance with the mandate, ACPS has limited public attendance at Raiders home sporting events to parents of senior athletes.

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