Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

Pete and I got to work at M&M’s, and Mario was still getting his laugh on. Earlier that week Mario told Pete and I where he caught all his fish while ice fishing. We were ice fishing at Lake Mince in Pennsylvania. 

Mario got us hook, line and sinker, so to speak. He told us where to go, and we didn’t catch nowhere the amount of fish Mario caught. Mario did have the pictures of all the fish he caught. Mario was a jokester just like Pete and I were. Mario didn’t let any background details in his pictures. All you saw were the fish lined up on the ice. 

Mario came clean after he got his laughs in. Mario swore to us this time he wasn’t telling us any lies. Mario told us that he fished just off to the left of the boat dock. That wasn’t even close to where he told us to go. In a matter of fact he told us a spot on the other side of the lake. We didn’t slay them like Mario did but Pete and I did catch a good bunch.

Pete tells Mario that he can join us when we go Monday. Mario said OK, and we made plans to go that Monday. Mario wanted to make it interesting with a bet. That was OK because we normally went and got a drink of brandy to warm up the old bones. This time the one with the least amount of fish had to buy the round.

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