Library employee Makayla

Library employee Makayla holds up one of the newly offered craft projects at the library.

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The Jamerson Library has been making lots of positive progress during this turbulent time period. The staff has been thinking outside the box, or in this case outside the perimeter of our brick and mortar building. We will soon be carrying a selection of special checkout items for our patrons. To be included are a small gaming system, mini sewing machine, friendship bracelet loom, paper bead roller kit, cake pop molds, hair bow making equipment, crochet kits and more. 

These kits will include some usable supplies and some supplies that will have to be returned to the library. Each kit/item will have a seven-day checkout time period, with no renewals allowed. Patrons will be able to check out one item per household in order to give everyone an opportunity to use the new items. Only adults 18 years of age or older who can take full responsibly for each kit/item if it is lost or broken may check them out.

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