America is once again faced with a critical decision between American liberty and Marxist socialism; between a Biblical theology of governance and a pagan, anti-Christian theology of governance. Both politics and governance are religious in nature since both are based on a certain set of belief assumptions. Therefore, socialism is a religious system. But what kind of religious system is it? At its very core it is a rejection of God’s order for a governmental order based upon man’s belief as to what is the best form of government. 

According to political theorist and author Stephen Perks, “Socialism … is evil in principle because it is predicated on the rejection of God’s order for man’s life, even if it is adopted as an idea by men with good intentions. It is really a religion, not merely a form of economic organization, because it functions as an all embracing world view. Socialism is a complete remodeling of society according to some ideal of social perfection, which is based upon religious presuppositions.” 

Sergei Bulgakov in his work, Early Christianity and Modern Socialism, observes, “Socialism, nowadays, emerges not only as a natural area of social policy but usually also as a religion, one based upon atheism, and the deification of man, and man’s labor, and on recognition of the elemental forces of Nature, and social life and as the only meaningful principle of history.” 

Simply put, socialism reduces life to the economic aspect, which translates into the religion of service to material interests and, therefore, it is, at its root, idolatry. The consequence of the socialist logic is the belief that money is the answer to man’s problems. This is evident in the way socialism seeks to solve virtually all of man’s problems usually by throwing more and more money at it.

This ideology should be especially disturbing for the Christian community, and yet, I hear of more and more professing Christians aligning themselves with the socialistic agenda of the left.

In a recent letter to the editor of the Times Virginian, in an effort to encourage farmers to vote for (Democratic presidential nominee Joe) Biden, a prominent farmer opined about the wonderful subsidies the Democrats will give to the farming community. His argument was all about the money.

May I remind this individual, and other farmers, that the Cubans thought that the socialist Castro regime would help farmers as well. To their horror, their farms were confiscated, and they were left with nothing. Many forfeited their very lives trying to resist. Others fled to the U.S. I have friends who were on those small boats as children, fleeing the tyranny of socialism. Those fearful memories are still with them today as adults.

Socialism is death and the party of death now has the face of the Democratic Party. It is no longer the party of your grandfather. It has been hijacked by the progressive Left and can only result in misery and chaos.

- Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Appomattox