History never stays in the past. It resonates every day in our lives. Decisions made today are few which do not have a historical perspective.

Jim Crow has become an ingrained attitude developed over years, mainly 1870-1950’s. In sum, it serves to subjugate minorities and poor whites to second class citizens by restricting their access to voting, which ultimately limits their quality of life. It is an attitude that grows like a cancer in society.

At least 28 states have introduced at least 106 bills to restrict voting access since the 2020 Presidential Election. These bills are a blatant response to the unfounded lies about fraud that plagued the 2020 election. 

The press should speak out about this attempt to rob you of your vote. If not, it should. However, I wonder if our leadership will resort to the practice of the last four years referring to the press as “Fake News” or “Lying Press.” Time will tell.

Beginning in 1932, when Hitler was gaining power, he referred to unfavorable news (especially political news) as the “Lugende Presse” (Lying Press) until 1937 when he was able to control the last newspapers in Germany. Then suddenly the newspapers were the gospel truth. 

Of course, all that is documented in numerous books, periodicals and even movies for the nonbelievers. In fact, Hans Rothfels’ book, The German Opposition to Hitler (1948), provides an excellent eyewitness accounting of how the few remaining newspaper editors to oppose Hitler in 1937 suddenly disappeared all in the same day?? If memory serves me correctly, there were three very influential persons.

History does not remain the in the past. It resonates.

- Wayne Cox, Spout 

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