Thomas Nelson  Mayberry, 44, of Appomattox, pleaded guilty to one felony charge of gun possession by a nonviolent felon in more than 10 years and was sentenced to one year of incarceration. 

Four years of the five-year sentence were suspended, in addition to 11 months revoked and resuspended for a probation violation. 

According to evidence summarized in court, Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office deputies went to the residence of Mayberry’s father on June 4, 2020, to deliver a protective order. Mayberry had pointed a gun at him the day before. 

At first, Mayberry refused to come out of the house. Later, multiple firearms were found there. 

Court records show that Mayberry also was convicted March 5, 2020, on a charge of pointing or brandishing a firearm, an event that occurred in 2019, and was sentenced to serve one month. 

A prior felony sentence is noted in court records from Nelson County on a felony charge of driving after being declared a habitual offender in 2003, for which he was sentenced to one year. 

Conditions of the current suspended sentence are five years good behavior and two years supervised probation. The gun is forfeited to the Commonwealth of Virginia for destruction. 

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