Larry Arnold Hubbard Jr., 26, of Richmond, was sentenced to serve one years and two months for five felony violation probations.

Hubbard had been on probation due to convictions in 2019 of proposing sex by computer with a minor and taking indecent liberties with a minor. In 2016, he was also convicted of similar charges. 

As a result of those prior convictions, Hubbard was not permitted to own a cell phone. However, he obtained a cell phone through a friend’s purchase in Richmond while he was employed there and living in a halfway house. 

Hubbard testified in court Thursday and admitted to owning the cell phone, but explained during questioning from his attorney Kemper Beasley that he used the phone because of transportation issues in obtaining a ride after work. The phone was a flip phone with no internet service, Hubbard stated. 

However, Appomattox County Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Kia Scott confirmed to the court that Hubbard was ordered to not own a cell phone at all because he is considered a danger to society due to his crimes involving minors and was to communicate by other means such as a home phone. 

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