I feel as though I am seeing our beloved country reverse itself.  At a time when we need for all Americans to be united, I read that we are bringing back the divisive “Jim Crow” laws of the old world.

I understand there is frustration about a number of issues, but do we need to reduce, encumber, restrict, or eliminate voter access to critical elections?  I see where at least five states are now pursing more restrictive voter registration laws and old laws reworded to bring back us back to the “old times.”

Why are we doing this to ourselves?  I cannot answer that question. But I can only that we as a nation can see what is happening and go to the polls once again in record numbers and denounce this travesty. I see that Georgia, home of the birthplace of the KKK, has already enacted new laws that will wipe out the voting freedoms many of our country currently enjoy.

Even as I write, I see where there are very few people in this country who are truly of a single race. A portion of my ancestors came from places like Scotland, central Europe.  If anyone thinks that they have nothing but white American blood in their veins, then you are delusional. A portion of my ancestry also lies with the Native Americans of this country. And yes, after many years of trying to erase them from the countryside, they remain! They are a wonderful people.

I will never relinquish my right to vote in every election regardless of the laws passed to block my access for any reason. It is one of the reasons I spent 40 years of my life protecting this country and doing the difficult jobs we longer have a draft to support.

And while on the subject, please do not confuse these so-called local militia groups as any type of protective force. I have never understood why we even need them. And, yes, I understand the U.S. Constitution allows them to be formed.  However, at this point in time, regrettable, I see no real purpose served, except as a social group. Perhaps, their purpose is to enforce the new “Jim Crow” laws coming our way?

As a final thought, much has been said about the alleged illegal voting done in the 2020 election. However, no one has been able to bring forward a single piece of evidence to support. I wonder why? Perhaps nothing was done wrong? If we are determined to find voter fraud, then let us go back to the 2016 election where it has been proven there was election interference in favor the 2016 winner. Something to think about? 

- Wayne Cox, Spout Spring

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