Regarding the letter from Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond of Appomattox — 9/16/20: 

May I say, “respectfully,” thank you sir for expressing yourself thoughtfully and eloquently concerning where we as Christians and citizens of the United States stand today. The world as we know it has changed —  drastically. Change is expected, yes. Change can be a good thing, yes. Change can be associated with growth, yes. 

Unfortunately, as we watch “change” today, it is not all good. We stand by while our history is being erased from text books. Good or bad, it is still our history. We remain standing, quietly, as a former president tells us and the world that the United States is not (just) a Christian nation. When did this change take place? We continue to watch as protestors, fueled by those whose agenda is to bring down any authority whose cause is not their own — riot, loot, burn while their demands are being catered to. We watch and listen to a governor, voted into office, finding no problem with live birth abortion.  A physician himself who steps firmly on his own hippocratic oath.  Anyone not see a problem here?

The word “respect” is being ground into the dirt as we all stand and watch. We are a Christian nation. We need to speak our mind without worry. We need to feel free to fly our flag without concern. We need to express our opinion, because freedom of speech gives us that right — “respectfully.”

- Ellie Dimino, Red House