After reading the newspaper article about the Appomattox Board of Supervisors meeting on Jan. 19, I was concerned about a few issues. 

Two wrongs do not make a right, or so I have always been told. This is something I have also come to believe. If a wrong has been committed, you cannot correct the situation by committing another wrong and trying to justify it by the outcome of the first wrong. What this leads to is bedlam in society.

I will defend anyone’s right to protest peacefully.  Our country was aided and formed by protest.

What took place on Jan. 6 at our Nation’s Capital went beyond any definition of protest or riot. It was an act of armed sedition against the Constitutional process in the United States. How dare anyone hold their heads up high and uphold such a hallow display of attempted patriotism.

Currently, people in our country are having a difficult time differentiating fact from fiction. When this happens to an individual, they are classified as delusional and they seek professional help, or someone who cares for them arranges to get the person some professional help. As a country, we need some professional help to start dealing in reality so we, as Americans, can begin to unify our Nation.

- Sue Cox, Appomattox