Appomattox County Republican Committee chairman Christian Raymond really hit the nail on the head in his recent letter to the editor in regards to former Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his shady actions in regards to the broken promise of more jobs that were suppose to take place where the old Thomasville plant sits! 

Now it is time to for we, the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the town of Appomattox, to step up and hold Terry McAuliffe accountable for this ordeal, and what really should be asked of him is where are all these promised jobs and what did he get out of the deal to allow Lindenburg Industries to just take the money and run? 

All Virginians, regardless of party, should be concerned of this matter for this is not a partisan issue but a moral issue! The governor is chosen by the people to represent the commonwealth; they work for us and we pay them with our tax dollars to do the job and get it done! McAuliffe did just the opposite! 

Fool us once, shame on you Terry McAuliffe. Wake up Virginia, don’t let the shame fall upon us and allow him to fool us once again! Please choose wisely, my fellow Virginians and Appomattox community, for so much is truly at stake! (“For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”Luke 8:17).

- Bradley Driskill, Spout Spring