There are so many reasons why I am voting as I am in the upcoming presidential election. Not desiring to live in a socialist country is high on my list which is where we are headed if (Joe) Biden is elected. But I am only addressing one reason in this letter and to those who are pro-life. If you are undecided or have decided not to vote for President (Donald) Trump because you dislike his personality or for whatever reason you may have, I hope I can persuade you to cast your vote for him on Nov. 3.

We have two parties, one that stands squarely for the rights of a woman to have an abortion. Prevailing Democrats see this right with no restriction, including to the point of delivery of a full-term baby.Our own governor believes that if a child happens to survive a botched abortion: “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable” and “a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.” They would become God and decide if this perhaps disabled, less than perfect infant should be allowed to live.

Democrats in the recent confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett had two reasons to disqualify her. She has a strong faith and is pro-life. What has happened to the Democratic Party when a person’s strong faith is negating or that Barrett had to defend that on a personal level she is pro-life? Why is being pro-abortion a prerequisite by the Democrats to be considered qualified for this high position?

This same party backs Planned Parenthood and has no problem that my tax dollars help fund this horrific organization. Their founder, Margaret Sanger, had many horrible, racist views. Since she supported the Buck v. Bell 1927 Supreme Court decision that allowed the involuntary hysterectomy of thousands of black women, then reasoning suggests she’d have no issue with 20 million black babies that have been aborted since abortions were legalized in 1973. Democrats claim they are the party that believes black lives matter. Yet they support a business that disproportionately takes more lives of black babies than any other race.

Frankly, do I love President Trump’s tweets? No. Do I cringe at times at how he might say something with which I might otherwise agree? Yes. But I wholeheartedly agree with the following statement:

“Under the Trump administration, the unborn have the ultimate advocate. From appointing pro-life judges, to stopping the flow of taxpayer-funds to abortion providers, and defending the unborn abroad — the case is clear for a second term for President Trump.” (

When I have the opportunity to stand up for anyone in leadership who themselves are willing to stand up for the unborn, I’ll gladly do that. I believe I’m called to do that. I’ll choose that any day over standing one day before the Lord explaining why I didn’t.

- Nancy Dawson, Appomattox